Grand Rapids, MI.



Depositions are a huge part of my business and I know we only have one shot to get it right! We routinely do maintainenace checks on equipment, always carry back-up and promptly arrive 1 hour ahead, allowing time for testing and any potential troubleshooting that may be necessary. We go to great lengths to be ready to shoot in optimum mode when you arrive and with great success!


We shoot with broadcast-quality digital cameras and each participant is equipped with individual, lavalier microphones. Great care is taken to monitor every detail of the audio and video image. Distractions in background or table clutter are discreetly and politely cleared away and the audio soundtrack is always continuously monitored and checked, striving for optimum recording levels that are crisp and clear.

Court reporters are routinely given an audio recording at the end of the deposition for accurate transcript-to-video match. Now, a direct feed from the videographer’s audio mixing board can be patched directly into court reporter’s laptop computer or digital recording device live during proceedings.

When reviewing and scrolling through transcript, they can read, verify and listen simutaneously! Court reporters love this feature, and the audio soundtrack is pure and crisp and conveniently at their fingertips.

On-site DVDs

On-site master DVDs can be provided at close of deposition to scheduling attorney.

Orders for DVDs can be made in CD-ROM, MPEG or other format of your choice.

Court room presentations and editing

We have worked in just about every court room in Michigan helping attorneys with their trial video presentations, utilizing our state-of-the-art, high-lumen, large screen projections and quality audio speaker system.

Retractions of testimony can be smoothly and expertly cut-out, live, on-site, at trial or when time allows, video can be edited at CVS prior to trial.

Mock trials / focus groups

We can work with your expert trial consultanting firm, or directly with your firm, handling all video shooting and set-up of production equipment. Off-site viewing in adjacent room of live event is available upon request.

Reenactment / Reconstruction documentaries

We work closely with your expert at the location of the incident to accurately and clearly reconstruct or reenact what happened in your case for presentation at trial.

Day-in-the-Life documentaries

Illistrates extent and impact of injuries of victim and gives understanding of what will be needed for them in the future.

Settlement documentaries

Interviews, existing news footage, home movies and photos are creatively and professionally edited to effectively present your case at pre-trial settlement meetings.

Documentaries are professionally recorded onto broadcast quality digital tape, edited with smooth transitions and mastered onto high quality grade DVDs.