Grand Rapids, MI.


“Recently I had the opportunity to work with Linda Crane and I found her work to be professional and helpful. Linda has valuable experience in the video area and is talented. Linda will be an asset to whom ever hires her.”

- Gary Elliot, EB Investigations

“Linda Crane’s dependability, efficiency, and gracious manner have always made working with Crane Video Services a pleasure.”

- Norman H. Pylman, Esq. Gruel Mills Nims & Pylman, LLP Grand Rapids, MI

“The video tape of our recreation of the accident in my recent personal injury case was instrumental in getting the case settled. While the judge had already indicated that he would not allow a jury view of the scene of the accident, you were able to video tape not only the scene, but also the actual malfunctioning door system that caused serious injury to my client. Present in the video is not only the stunning sounds and crash of the door, but also the very visual shower of sparks cascading off of colliding steel parts. Opposing counsel knew that we were going to bring the scene of the accident to the jury for it to watch and hear in the courtroom. Job well done by Crane Video and money well spent.”

- Richard A. Marvin, Esq. Marvin & Associates Grand Rapids, MI

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Crane for many years. Linda has always been professional, efficient and reliable. I would strongly recommend her services as a litigation support vendor and videographer.”

- Wiliam Howard, Esq. Howard PC Grand Rapids, MI